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Roses Revealed

Roses Revealed
Find your perfect roses

Kyle Cathie
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Roses Revealed provides you with the expert advice you need to confidently choose the right roses for you. Discover Dermot O'Neill's top 200 roses, selected from the thousands available for their combination of exceptional qualities.  These include factors such as their exquisite scent, long flowering period and good disease resistance. The majority is widely available and can be grown in several countries, including America and Australia.

Roses Revealed

Roses Revealed encapsulates all the romance of this universally popular plant and makes choosing and growing roses an absolute joy.

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Read what others are saying about Roses Revealed:

"Whether writing or talking, Dermot O'Neill's passion for roses is evident. The same passion oozes from every page. In Roses Revealed he manages to bring them to life. You can almost smell the fragrance. He places you in the middle of a bed of his favourite 200 roses." - John Cushnie, Presenter, BBC Greenmount Garden

"...what a perfect present Roses Revealed is, providing a floral feast for those starved of their favourite blooms. Compiled and written by Dermot O'Neill, one of Ireland's favourite gardening broadcasters, it's got the most deliciously delicate photos and chapters about everything you could possibly want to know about the prickly ones." - Sunday Independent

"It has been a delight to read this book by Dermot O'Neill who obviously really appreciates his roses. Altogether this is a book I would thorougly recommend to all gardeners who want to plant more roses in their garden." - David Austin

"The author's personal (and interestingly unpredictable) selection of roses for different locations, enthusiastically described. Its practical focus is leavened by superb photography." - Kathryn Bradley-Hole, Country Life

"As Dermot is the true horticulturist, he doesn't skimp on the instructions for plant care, from purchasing and propagating to dealing with pests and diseases every aspect of rose cultivation is covered... This book's pedigree is apparent from the first page. Roses Revealed is a mine of useful information for those who grow or are planning to grow roses." - Image Interiors

"The popularity of roses creates a problem for any brave soul who attempts to put pen to paper on the subject. It seems that everyone has fixed ideas on what roses to grow and how to grow them. Dermot can answer these questions with authority. Roses Revealed cuts through and tells the readers, be they gardeners or just people who enjoy pleasant surroundings, what they need to know for their situation. The whole publication is not only very informative but is a beautiful creation. The glossary alone, however, indicates that this is a serious work of reference." - Minister Brendan Smith, TD, Minister for Food and Horticulture at the Department of Agriculture and Food

"There are so many good points about Dermot O'Neill's tribute to roses. It is knowledgeable, sensible, beautifully photographed, and organised in a really helpful way... For rose lovers this book is a sumptuous treat." - Compass, Journal of the Garden and Landscape Designers Association

"This book by one of our most experienced gardeners will be one for my list to spend any Christmas book tokens I might receive." - Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland

"The stalwart of Irish gardening has done it again. Dermot in Roses Revealed has championed his favourite group of plants, revealed their individual beauty with photographs that almost allows one to fill their nostrils with scent and makes choosing a perfect companion an easier task than ever." - Brendan Sayers, National Botanic Gardens, Ireland

"There is much to applaud about [Roses Revealed] and congratulations is not sufficient. It is quite fabulous and we are delighted to be able to add it to our collection. Everything about the publication is top-notch - text, printing, photographs, and organisation. [Roses Revealed] will be a terrific addition to our horticultural collection." - Sally W Donatello, University of Delaware Library (Special Collections)

"This book makes no pretence to be a weighty encyclopaedia and many gardeners will find this personal account both enjoyable and inspiring. Dermot's love of roses shines through on every page." - Tony Lord, The Garden, Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society

"Sumptuously illustrated [..] extraordinarily comprehensive, a pleasure to read." - The Good Book Guide

"This book proves that roses should never be undervalued" - Amateur Gardening

"...a very useful and usable book for novice and experienced gardeners alike... [with] breathtaking photography and...practical text." - Seven (Supp. to the Sunday Telegraph)

"[Roses Revealed] a glossy, lavishly illustrated and very attractive...hardback all about his [O'Neill's] favourite flowers. - The Sunday Tribune (Eire)

"...Practical advice gleaned from...years of experience...The book is stunningly illustrated with heart stopping photography..." - The Sunday Business Post

"...a luscious tribute to these most fragrant and glamourous blooms." - Irish Times

"A rose-lover's bible with a wealth of information on selecting, breeding and caring for the world's best-known flower." - Sunday Times

"Irish garden guru Dermot O'Neill has brought out a book on his favourite roses - all 200 of them! It is beautifully illustrated and is full of useful information as you would expect from someone as knowledgable as O'Neill... This is a good book for both the armchair horticulturist to look at and the slogger to use." - Shirley Lanigan, Evening Herald.

"O'Neill's accessible prose is complemented by great pictures of this classic flower in all its varieties and forms." - Irish News

"It seems us Brits can't get enough of roses - we voted them our favourite flower after all. Yet many of us turn our backs on growing roses, fearing them difficult and demanding, or are simply unsure of which varieties to grow. Dermot O'Neill believes we can all find our perfect rose and presents over 200 worthy varieties... Each is illustrated by a photograph that would inspire the most cold-hearted of gardeners." - Garden News

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